Dumb and Dumber…Numb and Number

Just happened to read an interesting article in “Times of India” today.

This is about how our life started getting to be dominated by numbers/IDs/Passwords. Think of it, everything in our life has a number/ID associated with it. For the corporate crowd, the list is even longer. lemme list few things that come to my mind.

1) Phone number (mobile, office, residence)

2) Address with some more numbers

3) PAN Number

4) Employee ID

5) Bank Acct Number

6) Credit/Debit card numbers and PINs

7) special coupon/discount numbers

8) email IDs

9) User IDs to at least dozen sites including social networking, professional networking, college alumni sites….

simply 20 more..at the least

These are just all-time things..

Adding t0 the list is specific event based numbers/IDs.Call customer care with some issue about your mobile phone, internet, bank acct, ..again anything..Book a railway ticket — u get a PNR number..the list is endless..

While we grapple with this new phenomenon, some number crunching geeks, firms are already salivating at the infinite prospects of using this data.A new numerology and a mathematical boom is about to begin soon..think of it..what if our life is defined in terms of fancy mathematical equations. What if someone gives you an advice of what your next credit card number should be using the so-called number theories? These things already exist, but if data starts driving the logic, u can see an endless list of numerlogies. How about a numerlogy scam? FYI, it already exists for getting fancy number plates for your cars, cool phone numbers.

Amidst all this, common man will become a victim of this so-called patterns in randomness.

Indeed we are bec0ming “Dumb and Dumber” oops..i mean..”Numb and Number”


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