Why should you workout even if you don’t like it..

Well, let me confess one thing — I was not a big fan of Gymming till recently. I used to find it boring and also repetitive with no surprise/exciting elements that we typically find in playing outdoor games. I still feel so, but when i actually started gymming reluctantly offlate, i felt that there are some wonderful things that this activity helps us realize ..

let me point out few things which are beyond obvious things like getting fit and strong..

1) Physical meditation

The 90 minutes that i spend in Gym is one activity of the day thats like a physical meditation to me. what do i mean by it? well, it’s the time when i actually become aware of myself physically. How much weights can i lift? how long can i run on tread mill? can i lift myself with my arms? how far can i stretch my legs? this is a kind of my physical reality check..i guess if u have any dreams of a long healthy life..you should know you physical strengths and limitations..

2) Looking Good

 Gym is the place where u can see urself in all directions/angles in big mirrors. It gives you a check on how fat/thin r u? how’s ur tummy protruding out? are ur legs in shape? is your ass a pumpkin? r u arms flat? It’s ur best vanity check..u automatically start looking good and energetic once u r in the habit of going to gym regularly.
In fact, try looking at anyone around you, and u can tell whether they are working out or not just by looking at their face..u’ll be surprised to see that u r 99% right I strongly believe that “if you are good looking naked, then u will most probably be good looking with clothes on”.. if u wanna look good/younger and energetic..It starts with Gym, Beauty salons/fashion tips come later..

3) Patience:

It teaches you patience..one thing i started to realize lately is that my patience is getting better..I see that the improvements are slow, but steady..i actually started appreciating the processes that are slow. It’s like a seed which takes time to grow into a tree and the wait is worth it and its natural..

4) Time management

Atleast for me, dedicating 90 min 0f the day hasn’t taken anything off from my plate. I’m still doing all the things that i was doing before I enrolled into Gym. Perhaps, it’s the feeling of energy that is helping me to not miss anything that i was doing earlier. Just goes n to prove that “I don’t have time” is a myth..it applies to everything in life..

5) Others : improved self esteem, cure for feelings of depression, what  not..just google it..

If you are understand what am talking and decide to take a step to go to Gym, Happy working out..