5 things to do before the world comes to an end!!!!

Mayans first calculated it.People have pondered over it.Philosophers seem to like it.Nostradamus has prophesied it.Religious fanatics are preaching it.Physicists are already visioning it, media is already salivating over it..bloggers like me are already feasting on it..

Yes the end of world is near!!!

Global economic system is crashing, people are losing faith in governments..chaos everywhere..a conspiracy might be already kicking which is hiding facts from common man. (I guess..this is the effect of watching 2012 twice in two days!!)

I donno..am not an expert on predicting the end of the world. I’m not even able to predict the stock markets correctly.

Anyways, Thats not the point..

Is the world is really coming to an end in 2012? If so, are you finished with your syllabus?

do we want to continue to lead our lives the same way that we have been doing so far? or do we really need to ramp up the pace of our lives to start crossing off ur bucket list..may be it includes slowing down from the mad pace of this daily life as well and start appreciating life better..Just for this reason, I would really like to believe the end of world by 2012. This will help me do things in life that I would otherwise keep on procrastinating.

Now, all we have is around 50 weekends left..!!! Thats all..
We have 351 days left (assuming the world is coming to an end on dec 21 as they show in the movie 2012!!)
It’s like, your doctor comes to you and says “it’s a case of supratentorial primitive neuroectodermal tumor, u’ve got 11 months left”

it’s time set few things in order..

1) Fall in Love: with someone and something completely/madly/crazily:

There’s never a bad time to fall in love. If you already have someone special in your life, it’s time to show them how much they mean to you. May be it’s time to plan that trip which you have always dreamt of taking her to..!!
If you don’t have that someone special in ur life yet, it’s time to get up, move your ass, make an effort to find that someone special. not leave anything to chance.

show your friends/family that they mean a great lot in your life.

If your passion is phtography, It’s time to put on your shoes, take your camera out..walk into jungles..FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR WORK..UR PASSION

2) Achieve the ultimate freedom:

If where you are working is making you lazy and sick everyday, it’s time to say goodbye to your job and pursue your passion. It’s time to break free from all the limitations that you experienced which were crippling you to do various many great things life. If you are surrounded by peple who just tell you that things cannot be done, it’s time too smile at them and say “goodbye”..

forgive everyone and everything as that frees you from burdens of worry/hatred

3) Try a regretless 2012

We’re born, then we die, and in between we make a lot of mistakes.

Do everything that you think to be correct. You’ve got no time to worry about society and what it thinks about you and your actions.

If you are feeling regret about something that you have done in the past,it’s time to go to the person whom you’ve hurt and say “I’m sorry” Sincerely..

And finally. don’t regret the regret!!

4) Laugh more

You got no time to worry and cry about stuff. Laugh more and start with laughing at urself. Laugh at urself thinking that all your years of effort will come to and end
at one go and how big a loser you were..laughing at urself also frees urself from worries..

We should consider every day lost on which we have not laughed at least once.

5) Embrace and Enjoy Life to the fullest:

We’re all going to die. well, eventually. And although none of us really know what’s going to happen tomorrow, it shouldn’t prevent us from enjoying today. I know it’s totally cliche, but the expression “live each day as if its your last” is the secret for leading life fully. If you’re happiest travelling around the world and exploring places,do that. If you are happy writing blogs, reading books, do it.. Just do it..Nike style..Your friends will feed off your energy and feel just as great by being in your presence. No one knows how long we’re here for, so enjoy, Embrace and Love it.

But, keep on staying healthy and happy..if the world doesn’t end, it surely will need people like you.