8 Reasons you should stop watching news channels right now

What goes in comes out, mostly in a worse form. The modern life style does this to every one of us. The modern foods like pizzas, pastas, burgers (marketed with a higher price tag for extra cheese..wow) and various other fast foods packaged beautifully, colorfully and deliciously are luring us to consume them instantly. Result: Obesity, fat people all around, lazy bums, young people with cholesterol, diabetes and even heart diseases. Like everyone, I have also fallen into this trap, gained weight and luckily, now back to my healthy ways now (more on this in my later post)

Something similar is happening to our brains as well. In this age of information overload, we are constantly hit by unnecessary junk news 24/7. Just like our stomachs, our brains are fed junk and are bloating with the same. Our bodies are accumulating unnecessary calories and fats, instead of healthier alternatives, falling for the instant gratification trap. Similarly, our brains are accumulating junk information. The whole media is also playing a cruel trick on all of us misleading us to think that more information is equivalent to wisdom.

I feel people are becoming sad, serious and even grumpy after constantly exposed to these news channels lately. I used to feel the same when I was watching news few years back thinking that these news channels help me to become aware of things happening around me. I have now completely stopped watching News and their bullshit now. Here are few reasons why I believe why you should avoid these news channels

1. News is mostly unnecessary for you

After years of watching these news channels, I started asking if this has helped me in anyway. any news item i watch, i realized it has not helped me in my daily life at all. It was just a waste of time. All the news has just been plain irrelevant to me. I could have done so many better things than watching this shit. I could have spent more time with friends, had some real conversations (meaningful or meaningless), gone to a museum, gone on long drives, atleast could have listened to more music..

Has it helping me relax at the least? Sadly No..I feel tired and exhausted.
Is it useful to anyone? i don’t think so..

I don’t get it!!

2. News is mostly junk

Frankly, I do not care about how and why John and Bipasha Broke up. Also, a boy killing his girlfriend as she refused to wear his favorite dress, howmuch ever sad/”BREAKING” it is., it’s still junk for me.

Also, should I not not call sharukh’s latest shoe lace collection, a junk news item? these kind of news is just plain vouyeristic. I get confused if they are reporting news or creating news.

I don’t get it!!

3. News is mostly hyped

Ok, I can’t say news is 100% bullshit. But the fact is even a simple relevant news is packaged into a “it’s all over” or “it’s the greatest thing in the world” scenario by these news channels. I mean, how many breaking news can i tolerate in a day? Why can’t the news reader read the news in a normal tone instead of “YELLING” at me!! It’s not that i’m not paying enough attention to her..I AM..

I don’t get it!!

4. News is mostly biased

Interestingly, all the news channels claim that they are no more about “just news”. They are much more than that. Yes they are defininitely much more than that. They are all about “Biased Opinions”.

Even before they utter single word about the actual news, they start with a hyped/biased opinion. Why can’t the news item simply start with “India lost the third test against australia in Perth by innings and 37 runs” instead of “Is indian cricket dead? can’t indians win abroad? Is it the end of the big four?”

I don’t get it!!!

5. News channels are trying to become parallel Justice systems

There are thousands of road accidents on a daily basis in india,but one accidental death of a famous politician’s/cricketers son gets reported all across and then these news channels talk about enforcing laws…

i don’t get it!!!

I feel like a sheep now..

6. News is mostly fear and euphoria

2012, end of the world, global economic meltdown, wars, global warming, — nice one guys..good strategy to catch attention. Even I tried this in one of my blog posts.

This is the greatest new year party in the world..Love all around..Aishwarya and Salman dancing together, while Abhishek is changing Beti B’s nappies.. Barkha Dutt reporting from Goa for NDTV (I too need to get creative to generate euphoria!!..damn, how do they do it so well??)

why..why?? Oh..this one i got it..they don’t want us to change the channel…rite..?

7. News is mostly presented by bullshit non-experts claiming to be experts

“Crude Oil prices fall by 0.5% today as demand drops”

Crap..it’s just one day dude..and you are talking about demand drop..idiot!! I can write more on this..but u get the point, right?

8. News mostly makes you sad

Family burnt alive by villagers, road accident kills 50 children, woman gangraped and burnt alive, famines, deaths in summer heat, deaths in winter cold, death by rains/floods..

do you really need to waste your time and also pay for it and at the end of it all feel sad about the world and dejected about life?

It’s been 1 year since i stopped watching news..I can definitely say I feel better than watching news..

“If a news is relevant and important to you, you’ll definitely be receiving it..Trust me..It’s one of those Universal Laws of nature..

Serious confessions of a silly mind

  • I think of what to eat for lunch (may be even dinner), when am just having breakfast, and am ashamed to say it loud to my friends.
  • I love playing basketball, cricket and billiards. Although I think am good at these, I have deep fears, Fear of looking foolish/awkward, fear of choking, fear of playing really bad, fear of playing really well, fear of letting down a playing partner.
  • I sneak out of office early if there’s no work; I sneak out earlier if there’s work.
  • When a girl starts losing interest in me/giving up on me or even starts hating me, that’s the point I start loving her…
  • When I was a kid, I often dreamt of Clean bowling Brian Lara out several times in world cup matches and bowling Sachin out (in the nets of course, my dreams couldn’t think of IPL at that time)
  • I believe that I can still obtain super powers..Just that I need to be at right place..I’m just one miracle away from greatness
  • I have read fore word and introduction of hundreds of books without ever making it to the real content
  • I make a real effort to look into the eyes of a person to convince him/her that I’m actually listening, but eventually end up scratching my nose or eyes
  • I thought “lol” on chat meant “lots of love” and thought that the girl saying it on the other side was totally in love with me
  • I think that silly stock I own is gonna make me a millionaire
  • I’m trying to find one just more point but still not getting any..
  • Now, I’m desperately hoping that you’ll like this post..even though I don’t get any good vibes about it..
Thats me..Whats you??

Should there be only one passion in our life?

A week ago, I headed off to Gokarna for a new Year’s trip..lazed around in the beaches and experienced what it means to lead a laid back life without the daily grind of waking up heading to office, traffic jams, coming back and sleeping.

Here I met these two interesting ladies from Holland who have embarked upon a world tour. As I started interacting with them, I realized that they were just around 26 years of age and they are travelling across the world to find themselves and find their passion. Their claim is they have not yet found thier passion!!


I started thinking what if I can never find my passion??..or further more..do I have a passion at all? or do I have only one passion?

Here’s a small social experiment I did on two of my friends who were with me on the trip.

Friend 1 (who recently broke up with his girlfriend)
Freind 2 (likes his job very much)

Me : Ok tell me, so u wanted her to be in your life..for how long you want her..
Friend1 : for my entire life, I wanted her to be in my entire life
Me : So, assuming you live for 60 years..you want her till then?
Friend1 : Ofcourse, Yes
Me : What if you have 200 years to live..do you still want her and only her? no one else?
Friend1 : Yes..
Me : 300?
Friend1 : Hmmm..I think so
Me : 500?
Friend1 : C’mon stop it dude..it doesn’t make sense..
Me : Just for discussion sake, answer me da
Friend1 : Hmmm..I donno..(now he actually started smiling looking at me..as if he wants to hook up with as many women as he wants, and he already has 500 years)
Me : 1000?
Friend1 : 1000?? I guess not just about a girl we get bored of everything, Our Job, place where we are staying..lifestyle


same set of questions (replaced girl with his “Job”) thrown at Friend2…


The truth is we all have passions..many passions..Love, adventure, experiencing cultures through travel, play music, become a rockstar, teaching someone something worth, even travel to moon if possible..MANY MORE..

The only realization I got through the “1000 year life” discussion is there’s no one passion. May be some top passions, I have many passions..Everyone has multiple passions..

May be, the idea is to be passionate about everything..passionate about this life and this world!!

Infact, Being passinate about life itself will eliminate any form of addictive passions which prevent us from living life to the fullest….such as screwing up one’s life over one guy/girl, or becoming obsessed with football

So if you are searching for your passion..accept that you have many..given the time you have in this world, try to fulfill as many as possible!!