Should there be only one passion in our life?

A week ago, I headed off to Gokarna for a new Year’s trip..lazed around in the beaches and experienced what it means to lead a laid back life without the daily grind of waking up heading to office, traffic jams, coming back and sleeping.

Here I met these two interesting ladies from Holland who have embarked upon a world tour. As I started interacting with them, I realized that they were just around 26 years of age and they are travelling across the world to find themselves and find their passion. Their claim is they have not yet found thier passion!!


I started thinking what if I can never find my passion??..or further I have a passion at all? or do I have only one passion?

Here’s a small social experiment I did on two of my friends who were with me on the trip.

Friend 1 (who recently broke up with his girlfriend)
Freind 2 (likes his job very much)

Me : Ok tell me, so u wanted her to be in your life..for how long you want her..
Friend1 : for my entire life, I wanted her to be in my entire life
Me : So, assuming you live for 60 want her till then?
Friend1 : Ofcourse, Yes
Me : What if you have 200 years to you still want her and only her? no one else?
Friend1 : Yes..
Me : 300?
Friend1 : Hmmm..I think so
Me : 500?
Friend1 : C’mon stop it doesn’t make sense..
Me : Just for discussion sake, answer me da
Friend1 : Hmmm..I donno..(now he actually started smiling looking at if he wants to hook up with as many women as he wants, and he already has 500 years)
Me : 1000?
Friend1 : 1000?? I guess not just about a girl we get bored of everything, Our Job, place where we are


same set of questions (replaced girl with his “Job”) thrown at Friend2…


The truth is we all have passions..many passions..Love, adventure, experiencing cultures through travel, play music, become a rockstar, teaching someone something worth, even travel to moon if possible..MANY MORE..

The only realization I got through the “1000 year life” discussion is there’s no one passion. May be some top passions, I have many passions..Everyone has multiple passions..

May be, the idea is to be passionate about everything..passionate about this life and this world!!

Infact, Being passinate about life itself will eliminate any form of addictive passions which prevent us from living life to the fullest….such as screwing up one’s life over one guy/girl, or becoming obsessed with football

So if you are searching for your passion..accept that you have many..given the time you have in this world, try to fulfill as many as possible!!

6 thoughts on “Should there be only one passion in our life?

  1. Hey challu,.. I thing this is the best among ur posts.. Yes… ur thoughts are in the right direction.. We should be passionate about our life doing whatever we love to do rather than having a single passion or a couple of passions… Keep posting dude…

  2. Chalu…Dude…;Lets go on a trip arnd the world da..and try to discover the passion man…Lets start with Gokarna,.,wat say.. :P…II am serious..atleast for a month this year…Lets make a deal…How ab tit?

  3. True love is forever ayithe I would want to stick onto my wife forever if I have a lovely wife! Passion definitely I would try to gain interest in many passions! A soul of a person is in his keeping and you have moved my soul, The day I called you and when you said you were in Gokarna Beach I decided to visit india immediately and the next day I booked my tickets. Thanks for moving my soul!

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