Rahul Dravid..The Lord of the Rings!!!

When I started this blog, I was clear about one thing — that is to never write to about economy, cricket, politics or movies. i wanted to only write about what i feel about life in general at a personal level.

But, last week, when Dravid said good bye to the cricketing world, I couldn’t help feeling sad and as a result, ended up writing this post. But let me try to write about Dravid, the great man and not Dravid, the Great Batsman (not that I know him personally…but I always feel I know him.)As you must have noticed by now, every article on Dravid invariably mentions how he was overshadowed by other greats for most of his career, how he somehow ended up getting lesser credit than other greats.

For some reason, we Indians are hardwired to like sensation, masala, breaking news and some form of action and we are comfortable with simplicity and really don’t bother about peeling the layers. But thats exactly where Dravid’s greatness can be found–under the layers. Be it, seeing off the seam/swing of the new ball and setting other batsmen the platform or be it taking up extra burden without even making a fuss about sacrificing.

Let me give an example from our movie preferences. most of our Mainstream movies fall into one of the following categories.

1) Movies where a Rajini or Amitabh emerges out of dust to become a millionaire and take on villians or a Tom cruise spoiling a Nuclear attack attempt — (equivalent to Sachin taking on australian attack in the Sharjah desert or taking on Shoaib Akhtar/wasim/waqar in World cup Quarter finals or a Sehwag scoring triple century)

2) Movies where the hero is super talented, but lazy and just having fun, then a real challenge comes up and he realizes the importance of the challenge and raises to the occasion, proves his worth (Read Laxman’s 281 in Kolkata or a Yuvraj belting 6 sixes).

3) Then we have some new cute love stories where all hero needs to do at the end of the movie is ride a bike/horse and confess his love for the heroine who is at the airport leaving for the US or sitting in “shaadi ka Mandap”, about to be married to someone else. (Rainas/Dhonis playing cute little knocks to steer India home)

We somehow are comfortable believing that a Hero has all the special skills required and the challenges come accordingly. Simply put, we accept that a “Hero” is someone different from general populace in terms of skills and talent.

The biggest problem with Dravid is he cannot fit into any of these categories. Not because he has no talent, but because he is much more than the above 3 categories.

He is more like the “Frodo Baggins” of “Lord of the Rings”. By this, I do not mean to say he is a dwarf or just a simple man with no special skills/talent. He does have exceptional skills when it comes to batting/fielding/keeping etc comparable to and arguably better than many other greats in cricket.

But his challenges, his matchups, his duels are much more than just batting. Just the way, Frodo had to struggle to keep his ego, greed, desires under control while carrying the ring, dravid’s challenges were as subtle as Frodo’s. He could have thrown away his wicket just after reaching 100 on numerous occasions, but he carried on knowing that the job was not done yet. He must have been tempted to play a careless shot many a times influenced by his other flamboyant team mates, but he resisted knowing that he needs to protect the batting line-up for anther 20 overs. He got opportunities to finish things in a grand style, but he knew a better, so-called “boring” way to do it, because he know that in Cricket, things can change quite quickly, sometimes not to your liking. When on crease, nothing would divert him till the task at hand is completed.

Just like Frodo who was not dithered by untreadable paths, but carried on even when his path was unclear and full of darkness, Dravid has carried on to show the light to other batsmen in the team, guiding them while batting on unknown tracks. Just like Frodo, Dravid was willing to give it his all for a bigger cause and was determined to take his team all the way.

Unlike other mainstream protagonists, Frodo’s journey was as much about the path as about the destination. Similarly, Dravid’s career is as much about his process as about the final score or the result. To understand Dravid, you just can’t see the score an the end of a day in a test match. You wouldn’t even know the number of deliveries that rocked his helmet or the number of menacing moments has had to withstand. You can’t just watch first 5-10 overs and come back at 45 overs and understand Dravid’s impact. you simply cannot. Even if you watch the 4/6’s package or even highlights.

It’s not like the first scene in Mission Impossible or the last fight in Robot. It’s “Lord of the Rings”. It’s “Lord of the Rings”. It’s about the journey and then a destination.

Thats why for me, he is the cricketing equivalent of “The Lord of the Rings”..be it the Lords, the Oval, the Adelaide, the Sydney or an Eden Ring. He’s the Lord of all.

Qualifications Vs Qualities

Sometimes, I think am too over qualified to do my job and I should do something great. Immediately i think, am i qualified enough to do that “something great”.  So I started searching for few successful people and read their stories.In fact, I went through the list of successful people in various fields, i realized that most of these guys started of as what society considered them unqualified. It’s not  their qualifications that made them successful but their qualities — Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison and Mark ZuckerBerg etc

Looks like society is fooling us into believing that all successful people are exceptions. It is forcing us into taking the safe path of qualifications. This is just leading to some kind of boring homogeneity in society. Graduates are saddled with huge student loans unable to pursue their passions as their whole qualifications will go waste if they do something different. Relatives look at your qualifications to decide if they should give respect to yo or not.

I see some people thinking that ABC-The IIT/IIM  or  an XYZ-The Stanford/MIT Grad being equal to something like Alexander-The great or Sachin- The Master Blaster and that should automatically guarantee them to some special treatment. Qualifications are not the ones which define you, it’s the qualities you possess.

Qualifications are just some labels given to suggest a person have undergone a relevant training/course, but in no way guarantee that a person can do it better than anyone without qualification. In fact, most of the times, they are bad proxies for real talent.

In fact, I feel these qualifications can be a burden/liability to some and some sort of limitations to others. I myself thought many times, “C’mon, I’m an IITian, this business idea is too silly for my qualification”. I have seen few people not wanting to join a particular company as it has no “Qualified” people running it.

That’s why I like sports/arts. These are the fields which have never allowed the concept of official qualifications to creep in. In these fields, qualities matter more than qualifications. Imagine, if Indian cricket has a “qualification” rule mentioning that “every player should undergo cricket-Basics-1,2,3 and the Cricket-Advanced courses 1,2,3 before qualifying for international matches”, we wouldn’t even have seen greats in international cricket. In fact, most of the time, qualifications are as irrelevant.

The truth is,
We are never qualified to do anything and degrees/certificates won’t change that.
We are never unqualified to do anything in the first place and degrees/certificates won’t change that either.

If you want to do anything, just learn it, practice it, dive into in, eat it, drink it, and sleep on it. I guess that’s the only way great things were achieved. Only the qualities that you acquire/develop in real life experiences will make you qualified.

I agree, qualifications can bring you some sort of safety, but Qualifications and greatness were never tagged together. Never. Atleast, don’t let lack of qualifications deter you from doing anything.

8 Reasons you should stop watching news channels right now

What goes in comes out, mostly in a worse form. The modern life style does this to every one of us. The modern foods like pizzas, pastas, burgers (marketed with a higher price tag for extra cheese..wow) and various other fast foods packaged beautifully, colorfully and deliciously are luring us to consume them instantly. Result: Obesity, fat people all around, lazy bums, young people with cholesterol, diabetes and even heart diseases. Like everyone, I have also fallen into this trap, gained weight and luckily, now back to my healthy ways now (more on this in my later post)

Something similar is happening to our brains as well. In this age of information overload, we are constantly hit by unnecessary junk news 24/7. Just like our stomachs, our brains are fed junk and are bloating with the same. Our bodies are accumulating unnecessary calories and fats, instead of healthier alternatives, falling for the instant gratification trap. Similarly, our brains are accumulating junk information. The whole media is also playing a cruel trick on all of us misleading us to think that more information is equivalent to wisdom.

I feel people are becoming sad, serious and even grumpy after constantly exposed to these news channels lately. I used to feel the same when I was watching news few years back thinking that these news channels help me to become aware of things happening around me. I have now completely stopped watching News and their bullshit now. Here are few reasons why I believe why you should avoid these news channels

1. News is mostly unnecessary for you

After years of watching these news channels, I started asking if this has helped me in anyway. any news item i watch, i realized it has not helped me in my daily life at all. It was just a waste of time. All the news has just been plain irrelevant to me. I could have done so many better things than watching this shit. I could have spent more time with friends, had some real conversations (meaningful or meaningless), gone to a museum, gone on long drives, atleast could have listened to more music..

Has it helping me relax at the least? Sadly No..I feel tired and exhausted.
Is it useful to anyone? i don’t think so..

I don’t get it!!

2. News is mostly junk

Frankly, I do not care about how and why John and Bipasha Broke up. Also, a boy killing his girlfriend as she refused to wear his favorite dress, howmuch ever sad/”BREAKING” it is., it’s still junk for me.

Also, should I not not call sharukh’s latest shoe lace collection, a junk news item? these kind of news is just plain vouyeristic. I get confused if they are reporting news or creating news.

I don’t get it!!

3. News is mostly hyped

Ok, I can’t say news is 100% bullshit. But the fact is even a simple relevant news is packaged into a “it’s all over” or “it’s the greatest thing in the world” scenario by these news channels. I mean, how many breaking news can i tolerate in a day? Why can’t the news reader read the news in a normal tone instead of “YELLING” at me!! It’s not that i’m not paying enough attention to her..I AM..

I don’t get it!!

4. News is mostly biased

Interestingly, all the news channels claim that they are no more about “just news”. They are much more than that. Yes they are defininitely much more than that. They are all about “Biased Opinions”.

Even before they utter single word about the actual news, they start with a hyped/biased opinion. Why can’t the news item simply start with “India lost the third test against australia in Perth by innings and 37 runs” instead of “Is indian cricket dead? can’t indians win abroad? Is it the end of the big four?”

I don’t get it!!!

5. News channels are trying to become parallel Justice systems

There are thousands of road accidents on a daily basis in india,but one accidental death of a famous politician’s/cricketers son gets reported all across and then these news channels talk about enforcing laws…

i don’t get it!!!

I feel like a sheep now..

6. News is mostly fear and euphoria

2012, end of the world, global economic meltdown, wars, global warming, — nice one guys..good strategy to catch attention. Even I tried this in one of my blog posts.

This is the greatest new year party in the world..Love all around..Aishwarya and Salman dancing together, while Abhishek is changing Beti B’s nappies.. Barkha Dutt reporting from Goa for NDTV (I too need to get creative to generate euphoria!!..damn, how do they do it so well??)

why..why?? Oh..this one i got it..they don’t want us to change the channel…rite..?

7. News is mostly presented by bullshit non-experts claiming to be experts

“Crude Oil prices fall by 0.5% today as demand drops”

Crap..it’s just one day dude..and you are talking about demand drop..idiot!! I can write more on this..but u get the point, right?

8. News mostly makes you sad

Family burnt alive by villagers, road accident kills 50 children, woman gangraped and burnt alive, famines, deaths in summer heat, deaths in winter cold, death by rains/floods..

do you really need to waste your time and also pay for it and at the end of it all feel sad about the world and dejected about life?

It’s been 1 year since i stopped watching news..I can definitely say I feel better than watching news..

“If a news is relevant and important to you, you’ll definitely be receiving it..Trust me..It’s one of those Universal Laws of nature..

Should there be only one passion in our life?

A week ago, I headed off to Gokarna for a new Year’s trip..lazed around in the beaches and experienced what it means to lead a laid back life without the daily grind of waking up heading to office, traffic jams, coming back and sleeping.

Here I met these two interesting ladies from Holland who have embarked upon a world tour. As I started interacting with them, I realized that they were just around 26 years of age and they are travelling across the world to find themselves and find their passion. Their claim is they have not yet found thier passion!!


I started thinking what if I can never find my passion??..or further more..do I have a passion at all? or do I have only one passion?

Here’s a small social experiment I did on two of my friends who were with me on the trip.

Friend 1 (who recently broke up with his girlfriend)
Freind 2 (likes his job very much)

Me : Ok tell me, so u wanted her to be in your life..for how long you want her..
Friend1 : for my entire life, I wanted her to be in my entire life
Me : So, assuming you live for 60 years..you want her till then?
Friend1 : Ofcourse, Yes
Me : What if you have 200 years to live..do you still want her and only her? no one else?
Friend1 : Yes..
Me : 300?
Friend1 : Hmmm..I think so
Me : 500?
Friend1 : C’mon stop it dude..it doesn’t make sense..
Me : Just for discussion sake, answer me da
Friend1 : Hmmm..I donno..(now he actually started smiling looking at me..as if he wants to hook up with as many women as he wants, and he already has 500 years)
Me : 1000?
Friend1 : 1000?? I guess not just about a girl we get bored of everything, Our Job, place where we are staying..lifestyle


same set of questions (replaced girl with his “Job”) thrown at Friend2…


The truth is we all have passions..many passions..Love, adventure, experiencing cultures through travel, play music, become a rockstar, teaching someone something worth, even travel to moon if possible..MANY MORE..

The only realization I got through the “1000 year life” discussion is there’s no one passion. May be some top passions, I have many passions..Everyone has multiple passions..

May be, the idea is to be passionate about everything..passionate about this life and this world!!

Infact, Being passinate about life itself will eliminate any form of addictive passions which prevent us from living life to the fullest….such as screwing up one’s life over one guy/girl, or becoming obsessed with football

So if you are searching for your passion..accept that you have many..given the time you have in this world, try to fulfill as many as possible!!

5 things to do before the world comes to an end!!!!

Mayans first calculated it.People have pondered over it.Philosophers seem to like it.Nostradamus has prophesied it.Religious fanatics are preaching it.Physicists are already visioning it, media is already salivating over it..bloggers like me are already feasting on it..

Yes the end of world is near!!!

Global economic system is crashing, people are losing faith in governments..chaos everywhere..a conspiracy might be already kicking which is hiding facts from common man. (I guess..this is the effect of watching 2012 twice in two days!!)

I donno..am not an expert on predicting the end of the world. I’m not even able to predict the stock markets correctly.

Anyways, Thats not the point..

Is the world is really coming to an end in 2012? If so, are you finished with your syllabus?

do we want to continue to lead our lives the same way that we have been doing so far? or do we really need to ramp up the pace of our lives to start crossing off ur bucket list..may be it includes slowing down from the mad pace of this daily life as well and start appreciating life better..Just for this reason, I would really like to believe the end of world by 2012. This will help me do things in life that I would otherwise keep on procrastinating.

Now, all we have is around 50 weekends left..!!! Thats all..
We have 351 days left (assuming the world is coming to an end on dec 21 as they show in the movie 2012!!)
It’s like, your doctor comes to you and says “it’s a case of supratentorial primitive neuroectodermal tumor, u’ve got 11 months left”

it’s time set few things in order..

1) Fall in Love: with someone and something completely/madly/crazily:

There’s never a bad time to fall in love. If you already have someone special in your life, it’s time to show them how much they mean to you. May be it’s time to plan that trip which you have always dreamt of taking her to..!!
If you don’t have that someone special in ur life yet, it’s time to get up, move your ass, make an effort to find that someone special. not leave anything to chance.

show your friends/family that they mean a great lot in your life.

If your passion is phtography, It’s time to put on your shoes, take your camera out..walk into jungles..FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR WORK..UR PASSION

2) Achieve the ultimate freedom:

If where you are working is making you lazy and sick everyday, it’s time to say goodbye to your job and pursue your passion. It’s time to break free from all the limitations that you experienced which were crippling you to do various many great things life. If you are surrounded by peple who just tell you that things cannot be done, it’s time too smile at them and say “goodbye”..

forgive everyone and everything as that frees you from burdens of worry/hatred

3) Try a regretless 2012

We’re born, then we die, and in between we make a lot of mistakes.

Do everything that you think to be correct. You’ve got no time to worry about society and what it thinks about you and your actions.

If you are feeling regret about something that you have done in the past,it’s time to go to the person whom you’ve hurt and say “I’m sorry” Sincerely..

And finally. don’t regret the regret!!

4) Laugh more

You got no time to worry and cry about stuff. Laugh more and start with laughing at urself. Laugh at urself thinking that all your years of effort will come to and end
at one go and how big a loser you were..laughing at urself also frees urself from worries..

We should consider every day lost on which we have not laughed at least once.

5) Embrace and Enjoy Life to the fullest:

We’re all going to die. well, eventually. And although none of us really know what’s going to happen tomorrow, it shouldn’t prevent us from enjoying today. I know it’s totally cliche, but the expression “live each day as if its your last” is the secret for leading life fully. If you’re happiest travelling around the world and exploring places,do that. If you are happy writing blogs, reading books, do it.. Just do it..Nike style..Your friends will feed off your energy and feel just as great by being in your presence. No one knows how long we’re here for, so enjoy, Embrace and Love it.

But, keep on staying healthy and happy..if the world doesn’t end, it surely will need people like you.

This part of my life is called “2010”

2010 has been one hell of an year for me.They say time teaches you valuable lessons, that way 2010 has definitely given me a crash course, personally and professionally.It’s more of a reiteration of the things that i perhaps just thought about. I stepped into 2010 just fresh from losing a job on 31st Dec,2009. On this morning when I was busy making evening plans and deciding on which pub to hit, an early morning meet with our board of directors gave an unexpected shock of our company’s closure. With no early indications of such an event, it was indeed time’s cruel moment for all the employees of the company.

The unexpected welcome to a new Year was definitely a tough thing to handle, especially when you have a family whose only source of strength, mentally and economically is you. As I can’t afford any panic to set into my mom’s mind, I have no option but to start the new year with a lie. I somehow managed a lie that our office is getting renovated and we are working from home for next one month or so. The tough part is not just to decide upon future course of action, but also to handle any voice which says “I already warned you not to join start-ups like these”.

The worst part is that this incident caught me completely off-guard. With not much of savings to back me up, I could only sustain few more months without a Job. Anyways, luckily for me, before the lie became unmanageable, I landed with another job offer, this time in Bangalore. All thanks to my friend who literally bailed me out with a referral and a solid hyping of my profile.

Lessons I have learnt:

1) It’s fine to lie to Ur loved ones if it can avoid panic

2) Just because start ups have higher chance of failure doesn’t mean u shudn’t take a risk. In fact, it’s worth taking such a risk sometime in your career. Well, what this company taught me is something which no other company would ever be able to.It has opened all new doors to me and changed my entire outlook towards life.

3) Save for rainy day, u never know when u may need it

Although my initial mood of leaving Hyderabad and going to Bangalore was full of skepticism, i was proven wrong. After almost 5 years, I got a chance to meet my engineering friends. The best part about college friends is that even if u meet after a long long time, you guys talk as if it’s just yesterday that u met. No formalities, no false smiles, direct fun.

Not only did i get a chance to meet old friends, but had an opportunity to make new friends. My cool flatmates and chilled out colleagues. In fact, I also happened to make friends much younger than me in turn making me feel lot younger. (Hey, am not so old, c’mon just 28).Had long chats, intense discussions, random blabbering and sometimes simple silence. It’s not how long is your friendship, it’s about how intense it is.

Lessons I have learnt:

1) Have friends of all age groups and from various professions, i broadens your outlook. makes you always feel fresh in life.

However, for the first time in my life, i experienced people who are same age as me bossing me around, just because they had so called MBA degrees up their sleeves. Two things about these guys has distinctly struck me. Their urge to participate in rat race (if there’s no such thing is office, they’ll create it) and the shallowness that their MBA degrees added to their otherwise good levels of intelligence. I distinctly remember how few of these guys used abbreviations and jargon for the heck of it completely disregarding the fact that they don’t fit the context. It doesn’t mean all these guys are similar, I have also met some really sensible and intelligent MBAs who think outside their text books and apply common sense.

Lessons I have learnt

1) MBAs teach as much bullshit as that of valuable lessons, it’s up to the individual to learn things selectively

2) Never do an MBA just because others are doing it

Got a chance to go on few long drives and got to watch the real country side. The beauty of the nature and the chance to get in touch with the country side has definitely helped me to see life differently and re-prioritize few things. The mundane daily routine of our corporate lives have paralyzed me for too long. I have made travelling and biking etc as the top priorities for the rest of my life.

Lessons I have learnt

1) Grab every opportunity to travel to a new place, its gonna be really enriching.

Almost came this close, i mean this close to who i thought to be the “girl of my life”. But alas, fate has some other plans. Anyways, I tried my luck and gave what i thought to be my best shot.

Lessons I have learnt

1) Try ur luck, the helplessness of not trying is worse that the failure itself.

2) life goes on absolutely as usual. specially for guys 🙂

Happened to witness tragic death of a close relative and came to hear of another death of a friend. In both cases, they must have planned so many things about their lives in the days to come. But as they say, “Life is what happens to you, when you are busy planning something else”.

Lessons I have learnt

1) The realization that life can ditch you any time is all the more reason to live in the moment and enjoy the present, It’s indeed a “present”.

Parallely, I have witnessed lots of outside stories which doesn’t hold much significance to me at this time. The multi-crore scams, the commonwealth games, Sachin refusing to grow old, finally Spain conquering the world cup, the face book revolution, the new mobile generation, the global economy, the Korean War, shiela ki jawaanis and the enviable packages and job offers for the new bunch of kids.

Lessons I have learnt

1) Lead your own sweet life, let the outside things be no more than news to u

Now am back to Hyderabad and back to home sweet home. Hoping for another exciting New Year. I’m not bothered about successes or failures, am only interested in exciting times. Am sure 2011 will teach me new lessons and make me realize few more things in a hard manner. It may teach me things which are opposite of what i believed so far, but i don’t care. I’m just looking and looking ahead. If the path ahead is rocky lemme trek, if it’s all dark, let me explore and if it’s all grass lemme have a memorable walk.

Dumb and Dumber…Numb and Number

Just happened to read an interesting article in “Times of India” today.

This is about how our life started getting to be dominated by numbers/IDs/Passwords. Think of it, everything in our life has a number/ID associated with it. For the corporate crowd, the list is even longer. lemme list few things that come to my mind.

1) Phone number (mobile, office, residence)

2) Address with some more numbers

3) PAN Number

4) Employee ID

5) Bank Acct Number

6) Credit/Debit card numbers and PINs

7) special coupon/discount numbers

8) email IDs

9) User IDs to at least dozen sites including social networking, professional networking, college alumni sites….

simply 20 more..at the least

These are just all-time things..

Adding t0 the list is specific event based numbers/IDs.Call customer care with some issue about your mobile phone, internet, bank acct, ..again anything..Book a railway ticket — u get a PNR number..the list is endless..

While we grapple with this new phenomenon, some number crunching geeks, firms are already salivating at the infinite prospects of using this data.A new numerology and a mathematical boom is about to begin soon..think of it..what if our life is defined in terms of fancy mathematical equations. What if someone gives you an advice of what your next credit card number should be using the so-called number theories? These things already exist, but if data starts driving the logic, u can see an endless list of numerlogies. How about a numerlogy scam? FYI, it already exists for getting fancy number plates for your cars, cool phone numbers.

Amidst all this, common man will become a victim of this so-called patterns in randomness.

Indeed we are bec0ming “Dumb and Dumber” oops..i mean..”Numb and Number”