Serious confessions of a silly mind

  • I think of what to eat for lunch (may be even dinner), when am just having breakfast, and am ashamed to say it loud to my friends.
  • I love playing basketball, cricket and billiards. Although I think am good at these, I have deep fears, Fear of looking foolish/awkward, fear of choking, fear of playing really bad, fear of playing really well, fear of letting down a playing partner.
  • I sneak out of office early if there’s no work; I sneak out earlier if there’s work.
  • When a girl starts losing interest in me/giving up on me or even starts hating me, that’s the point I start loving her…
  • When I was a kid, I often dreamt of Clean bowling Brian Lara out several times in world cup matches and bowling Sachin out (in the nets of course, my dreams couldn’t think of IPL at that time)
  • I believe that I can still obtain super powers..Just that I need to be at right place..I’m just one miracle away from greatness
  • I have read fore word and introduction of hundreds of books without ever making it to the real content
  • I make a real effort to look into the eyes of a person to convince him/her that I’m actually listening, but eventually end up scratching my nose or eyes
  • I thought “lol” on chat meant “lots of love” and thought that the girl saying it on the other side was totally in love with me
  • I think that silly stock I own is gonna make me a millionaire
  • I’m trying to find one just more point but still not getting any..
  • Now, I’m desperately hoping that you’ll like this post..even though I don’t get any good vibes about it..
Thats me..Whats you??